About Us  
Welcome to Bop-A-Top !

Bop-A-Top is a family owned and operated business. As parents of two very young children, we are always looking for ways to make our lives and messes a little more simple and a lot less messy.

Bop-A-Top was thought of in a fast food restaurant while having a quick family dinner and having the need for a quick and easy straw hole in our kids favorite beverage..... and that's how Bop-A-Top was born! Bop-A-Top was then brilliantly created and developed in our garage in Southern California. (just like Apple, Disney, and Mattel)

Bop-A-Top is a fun and very convenient product that our family uses throughout the day ! From our son's Pediasure, with a metal top, to our daughters water bottle and mommy's Frappuccino coffee drink. Bop-A-Top is perfect for the young, elderly, those with special needs and everyone in between! We love it and don't want to be without it.

We hope you enjoy !

From our family to yours !!!